Vulnerability Analysis & Malware Removal

Website Malware Removal

Wether your site has been infected with malware, spam or being hacked, you should act as soon as you can to protect your reputation by fixing the damage and prevent your website being blacklisted by search engines. If your website marked as “This site may harm your computer” in Google and your customers are being scared away then you have come to the right place to fix that.
We will start immediately clean your website and find out how it was hacked and prevent potential future attacks by removing any Backdoors which may allow the hackers to immediately retake control of your website.

Online Malware Scanner
Free Malware check
Check your Website for hidden malware and viruses (hidden Spam Links, Malware, Injection-iFrames, Scripts and redirections to 3rd party websites).
Our malware scanner checks on your website:

* Check if your Website is on Googles’ or other 3rd party Blacklist
* Redirects to 3rd party (malware) website
* Check for iFrames (Content included from 3rd party websites)
* Injection Check – injected Code before or after your actual content
* Check for malware / virus code on webpage
* Spam Check – for Viagra, Cialis and other Pharma-Hacks
* Malware Check – Scan for know Malware and Virus Signatures
* Site-Wide Spam Check
* Check for obfuscated (hidden) code in Javascript includes
* Google / Browser comparison – is Google served different content than users
* Listing of all external links, including hidden links
Malware Removal
Immediate Help with “Satisfaction” guarantee
* Removal of all Malware (Cleanup)
* Remove all Backdoors
* Protection against future attacks
* Google Malware / Blacklist Warning removal
* Tips on keeping your website safe in future
* 1 year free website monitoring
If your website is hacked again within 4 weeks it will be cleaned again free-of-charge.

Protection against hackers

Close vulnerabilities on your website
As part of the cleanup of your website, we also fix the main weaknesses in the common CMS installations based on Apache and PHP (e.g. for all Joomla and WordPress Websites). We install protection on your site against the most common attacks.
Our defenses against future hacker attacks include:

* Protection against SQL injections and XSS Cross-site scripting attacks
* Check and Fix incorrect file permissions
* Brute-Force Attack protection (scalable protection against attacks incl. automatic email notification)
* Recommendations for user logins and permission

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing
Our Vulnerability Assessment will expose where an attacker could breach your website or online shop allowing you to detect and fix possible weaknesses in your security before they are exploited by intruders.

Discover vulnerabilities before others do
With a vulnerability analysis of your website, detect shortcomings in your security system so they can be corrected before they can be exploited by attackers.
We will analys all your externally accessible / visible resources (including those that you aren’t aware of) for vulnerabilities that hackers could use to gain access to your servers to compromise valuable information, steal customer data or install malware.
Detailed Report
Know where the loopholes are
We provide a detailed report which will show all security issues and prioratise these. In most cases we provide descriptions with simple solutions to fix these issues.
Our review of the vulnerabilities in your internet presence include:
* Check for older plugins and extensions with known security issues
* Control firewalls, open ports and services
* Check for old test websites that are vulnerable
* Check for incorrect security settings and misconfiguration
* Cross Site Scripting
* SQL-Injection
* Path Disclosure
* Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF)
* Information Disclosure
* Remote File Include
* Code Execution

Implementation support
We help you resolve the vulnerabilities
In most cases, we also provide simple solutions to close the vulnerabilities of your site.

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